Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thunder storms make me smile

Well ladies and Gents i've been having a sex and the city marathon while i work through printing some wedding booklets. Then in season 3 i saw Carry wearing a beuatiful gold tone lightning bold necklace.

It's inspired me to go on a wet wether hunt!

In my travels I came across these fantastic storm cloud earrings! They come in oxidised, semi matt or polished sterling silver and I've hearted them to be on my Christmas list. They are part of Free Forged's Storm series and i'm thinking of requesting a matching pendant.

These lightning bolt earrings by rocked jewelry are possibly the cutest earrings i've seen in a long time! They're sterling silver an inch long with matching 3 inch chains.
rocked jewelry also sells matching necklace!

Then I came across a few necklaces by cfoley11 this one is is named Tsunami and it just reminds me of cresting waves. It's forged copper and I think I would be in love if it was in silver. It's patinaed with gold leaf but if it was silver with gold leaf it would be amazing.

This card by mwilson is a water colour cloud presented with a thoughtful phrase of 'storms do pass' melancholy yet hopeful.
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