Thursday, 3 September 2009

It started with...

I've found a new obsession - dichoric or dichroic glass ( whichever way you spell it!)

It all started with a trade i did with an amazing glass artist moonofglass. I spied this lovely hair bobble and thought it would be perfect for a friend as a christmas gift. She goes from hair down to hair up to hair down to hair up ( you get the picture) quite a few times during the day, and this piece of art would look great in your hair or on your wrist which is where her bobble usually ends up!

So i got that bobble and moonofglass got a lovely assortment of beads from my abespoketouch shop. Because of this trade i'm currently placing ( buying) a custom order for 6 more bobbles, some for myself for Christmas and some for my sister for Christmas!

Can't wait to get them!
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