Friday, 12 February 2010

Lady Luck has been smiling on me recently, I love looking through blogs here on-line, especially at those of my friends on the trade-a-holics team. I was lucky enough to be linked to a blog written by our lovely Handy Maiden in which she was doing a give-away. And guess what? I won! Generally I'm not applicable to enter blog give-aways because I live here in the UK and the bloggers don't want to pay international postage, but the lovely Handy popped my Prize in the post and it was here in no time!

So I thought I'd show you all what I got, and let you know that HandyMaidens charms are definitely worth buying ( if you're not lucky enough to win one!) So cute, so original and extremely well made!

I won the Gold finch pendant shown below

And because Handy is such a sweety she included a beautiful small pink owl pendant because she knew I loved them!

So if you need a gift or just want something for yourself that will make you smile, why not check out Handy Maidens store for jewellery and wearables, or her new Terra Farma store for figurines perfect for your terrarium, fish bowl and dolls house!
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  1. I am so jealous! I wanted to win! Congratulations (and I need to get one of her owls!).

    Love the new blog look!

  2. Great blog! Just added you to Great Blogs in "Art-Online"!


    Marian Cates
    Art-Online e-zine