Friday, 5 November 2010

Eco Friendly Shopping bag

So every now and again, I take it in my head that I'm going to start a sewing project ( and every time I FAIL, but that's besides the point). Usually it starts because I have 'something left over' or a piece of clothing that's just too nice to throw out.

So this time I wanted to make a stack of t shirts that no longer fit me, but are pretty cute - into something new! I know I could make a pillow case or something ( with a seam split back because I can't sew zippers in right ) OR I could up cycle it into a tote bag.

After trying to figure it out in my head, I was pretty sure I had it, lined and all. But after putting it together for the second time, I still have seams, boo!

Anyway it's still pretty cute and it has cured me of my need to sew. I'll keep this one as my sample and if I ever want to try it again, I might just leave out the lining all together and then there has to be raw seams and its not my fault!

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