Friday, 4 January 2013

Wedding Stationer - Karas Designs

It's not a wedding unless it has guests, and the only way to get your guests to come to your wedding is to invite them! An essential for every bride, no matter your taste or budget. Today I'm thrilled to share with you a wonderful and talented wedding stationary company run by the lovely Kara.

Kara's not just an invitation designer, she offers a full range of items related to not just wedding but also birthdays christenings and other special occasions! Kara's does a couple of different ranges to suit different tastes from quirky to traditional and she also have different ranges to suit different budgets, from her 'budget bride' range to her 'boutique bride' range.

She's also the mastermind behind one of my favourite designs to date - the 'kids invite' - a personalised invitation drawn by your children! Kara has a special process which allows her to place a drawing done by your children (possibly how they think mummy and daddy will look as a bride and groom?!) onto card and into a beautiful keepsake invitation.

Kara has a great sense of humour and I just love these quirky 'bunting' invitations. But she also offers other traditional invitations, pocket fold invitations and a build your own invitation option, you get to choose your shape. (Flat, square, folded, pocket fold, pocket, tag etc...) then you choose your design (dotty, hearts, ribbons, 'once upon a time', stripes etc...) and lastly your colours (pink, pink & green, Blue & Cream, Brown etc....) then Kara will make a sample design specifically for you!

It also happens that I have worked with Kara on some designs so she is a supplier for bespoke flower invitations, and she offers these through her 'boutique bride' range. As you know my flowers are available in over 100 colours, so Kara can really create a beautiful invitation and accessory set just for you. 

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  1. These are beautiful! What a great use for your flowers!